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Jan 2015 House the Homeless police interactions with homeless survey

In the wake police shootings of citizens in Ferguson, MO and North Charleston, SC, this survey is especially poignant. House the Homeless look to work with the City of Austin and the COA Police Department to improve interactions between police officers and people experiencing homelessness, especially people of color and/or with disabilities.

Dec 31 2014 Mayors and County Commissioners resolve to end homelessness

Commissioners Court joined a growing number of Mayors who have endorsed similar Resolutions calling for the US Congress to adopt the House the Homeless Inc. three pronged SOLUTION that will End and Prevent Economic Homelessness.

By paying living wages, businesses will benefit by stabilizing its workforce and by simultaneously stimulating both local and national economies through increased consumer activity.


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Open Letter to Rep. AOC

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Mar 31 2020 – Updated – Green Party Interview with Universal Living Wage – ULW (National Locality Wage – NLW) Founder RIchard R. Troxell

Jan 28 2014 – Livable Incomes: Solutions that Stimulate the Economy

Presented here from an earlier interview are the core principles and tenets of the Universal Living Wage – ULW (National Locality Wage – NLW) framework and formula.  In as much as we only had to insert current wage amounts and area perspectives, we have shown the universality of the formula and its application and ability to meet the economic needs of the entire nation.  At the same time, the concept of the Universal Living Wage – ULW (National Locality Wage – NLW) remains viable for the entire world.

In addition to addressing wages for those who can work,  we use the same formula for those who are disabled and can’t work, also enabling them to access housing wherever they live throughout the US.  Combined, they become “Livable Incomes.”


with the prevention of Homelessness and includes fixing the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for those who cannot work.  This enables us to meet people’s basic needs.  People can either work or they can’t. This over-arching approach will ensure that people in both categories will be able to afford a roof over their heads other than a bridge.

May 30 2012 Homelessness impacts returning veterans

Richard Troxell offers a solution

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2010 Universal Living Wage – ULW (National Locality Wage – NLW) are good for business and good for you

Universal Living Wage – ULW (National Locality Wage – NLW) EFFECT ON BUSINESSES AND TAXPAYERS

Living wages are good for business. When workers make more money, they also have more money to spend. In fact, minimum wage workers have spent almost 100% of past wage increases directly into the economy. New small businesses are more likely to receive bank loans and support from the Small Business Association (SBA) by sustaining their business.