Meet Rodney

The invisibly disabled and under-valued Veteran

Rodney served honorably as a member of the elite combat defense police. He was moving toward home ownership when financial disaster struck.

Meet Carrie

The single parent and the working poor

Carrie is the loving and single mother of wonderful respectful and intelligent twin daughters. She works two jobs totaling 82 hours per week to make it.

Meet Jim

The socially disordered and physically afflicted​

After the injury, Jim became homeless. He receives $603 per month in federal disability and medical benefits so his net income drops to $579.

Meet Randy

The mentally disabled and injured on-the-job

Randy is profoundly dyslexic but labeled “retarded.” His life work has been that of a painter. ‘I was making it… just barely, but I was doing OK.’

Meet David

The roadblocks to dignity and fairness

David had been living on the streets of Austin, Texas when he decided to “turn his life around.” David is a very hard worker. He started as a janitor.

Meet Pappy

Just a “Regular Person” stuck on the streets​

Pappy had gone to sleep in the park with a friend. One of the officers got out of his car and started walking in Pappy’s direction. Pappy’s friend froze.

News & Events

Open Letters & Studies

June 28, 2023: Letter to President Biden

March 17, 2022: Dear Senator

June 18, 2021: Letter to President Biden

May 2016: An Open Letter to our Presidential Candidates

15 April 2015: HUD Supported Homelessness Assistance & Emergency Resources

27 Oct 2014: HUD Supported Homelessness Assistance & Emergency Resources

1 Oct 2014: HUD/VA team up to help more than 9,000 homeless veterans find permanent homes

2 Feb 2014: Study of PHA’s Efforts to Serve the Homeless presents video on findings

7 Jan 2008: House the Homeless smashes homeless myth – survey reveals truth

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Index it!

Index it!

Index it!

We must index the federal minimum wage to the local cost of housing.

  • This means that the cost of housing will be attainable for every American who works 40 hours per week.
  • By indexing the wage to the cost of housing, American workers will be able to afford basic housing no matter how expensive that housing grows and no matter where you live in the United States.
  • By failing to index the Federal Minimum Wage to the cost of housing, it will just be a matter of time before inflation erodes the wage gains of today!

Index it!

It is just good common sense!